Reports and Analytics (Initially from AzuraCast)
Know your listeners

As we run our own servers for streaming, automation and live shows, we can accurately offer a wide range of statistics allowing you to get to know your listeners better.

Comprehensive reports

Get detailed statistics on how your station's listeners come and go, see where they come from and how long they stay.

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Listeners coming and going

See listener sessions for every time in the day, along with the rate people enter or leave your stream.

Period Statistics

See aggregate statistics for any time period you select.

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Listening minutes

See how long your listeners stay tuned for every hour in the day.


See where your listeners are located on a world map.

Bandwidth consumed

See the bandwidth you've used up every day.

Reports for the music rights collection agencies

No more sweating over the reports you have to generate every month for the music rights collection agencies. ShwóŋCast provides them at a button's click.

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Daily & monthly statistics

Get aggregate statistics for any month in your station's history, or get detailed track statistics for any time period you define.

One button export

Export your track statistics with one click.