DJ Management (Initially from AzuraCast)
Effortlessly manage DJs and shows

Show scheduling on ShwóŋCast is as easy as drag & drop. You choose the level of DJ access, from full administrative rights for the regulars to one-time access for guest DJs.

DJ Collaboration Tools

ShwóŋCast makes it easy for many people to work on a radio station together. Communication tools, access control, shared libraries and collaborative shows make doing radio together easy.

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No more credentials sharing

Use the virtual studio or direct link with your own username & password, no need to share with anyone.

Collaborative shows

More than one DJ can do a show together, each from a different location.

No audio gaps

ShwóŋCast makes the switch from one DJ to another seamless. No audio gaps, just smooth crossfades.

Communication tools

Admins can create shows and assign DJs to them, or leave DJs to create their own shows.

Access control

DJs can only broadcast when they're scheduled to.

Live shows

Take control over your live stream with ShwóŋCast's shows and episodes features. Create and schedule shows, assign them to your DJs and go live together.

Shows' episodes

Break your shows down to episodes, keep your listeners interested with different content each time.

Edit your shows' profile

Manage your shows' logo, cover image and tagline, let listeners know what it's all about.

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