CDN streaming (Initially from AzuraCast)
Scale with your audience

ShwóŋCast runs its own proprietary distributed architecture streaming platform. In layman's terms, we can provide a very technologically advanced service at an affordable price. All ShwóŋCast plans support unlimited listeners so your radio station will grow seamlessly with your audience.

Not some random Icecast / Shoutcast server

ShwóŋCast's unique cloud-based streaming platform gives you the scalability and reliability of a much larger infrastructure, at a price that's comparable to standard streaming solutions. Your stream isn't served by a standard Icecast/Shoutcast server with limited resources, but distributed through ShwóŋCast's entire server infrastructure.

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High Quality Audio

No quality limits. We deliver the audio quality you broadcast. Stations with automation run by default at MP3 128kbps and can be switched to any bit-rate.


Grows with your radio station. No limits in listeners, CDN level streaming. We run our own software on selected infrastructure partners. We do not offer or have single server solutions.


Streams served from ShwóŋCast are compatible with all major players including iTunes, Windows Media, Quicktime, VLC, Winamp and web-based players.

Access Control

Using ShwóŋCast's DJ Management features, multiple users can connect to the streaming server, each with their own credentials allowing them to broadcast during their allocated schedule slot.

Accessible streams

All ShwóŋCast streams run by default on port 80, making sure your radio station is accessible in restrictive IT environments.


Your listeners are covered from several machines even if one fail, that part of your listener base will be redirected to other machines.

No audio gaps

ShwóŋCast's powerful Web Automation and DJ Management features will make sure that there are no gaps in your audio stream, tracks and shows will cross-fade smoothly.

Icecast-compatible link

ShwóŋCast links are compatible with Icecast, which means you can use most DJing apps to broadcast.


You get full access to listener analytics and reports.

Service level agreement

We offer optionally 100% SLA for our Enterprise customers.