Audio Advertising
Automated advertisements for your station
Pre-Roll Advertisements

Pre-roll ads may be a viable way for you to monetize your station. These advertisements play automatically when a listener enters your stream.

MAZ (Maximizing Advertising Zones)

Diaspora and immigrant communities don’t benefit from hearing mid-roll ads that may only be relevant to their native country. This is where MAZ comes in. Using ShwóŋCast you can configure ads that are relevant to your listener areas or regions. Enabling you to increase your revenue—and audience engagement—at the same time.

Subscription Model

Subscriptions enable your audience to shape their own listening experiences while providing you with additional income. Listeners have the choice of continuing with regular advertising or disabling all ads for a full month, in return for a small fee that supports you and your station.

Manage subscriptions from ShwóŋCast

We help you manage subscriptions easily. Your listeners can pay directly in the platform using credit cards, Google Pay or what ever payment methods. Setup the subscription amount right from the application. Setup your bank account right from the application. We transfer your money to your bank account each week or month depending on the option you prefer.