ShwóŋCast is an affordable and complete online radio management and streaming solution.

Cloud automation & playout

Effortlessly manage your auto-pilots, schedules and breaks for your station

Shows & hosts management

ShwóŋCast enables location independent professional grade radio stations.

Infinite scale audio delivery

Endless limits for listeners. Focus on your shows while we do the rest.

A complete offering for internet radio professionals

Use your equipment on live shows, let ShwóŋCast take over when you are offline
Automate your station with cloud library, schedules, pilots and breaks
Remote station management, admin users and hosts management
Relay options for live shows or schedule prerecorded content
Distributed infrastructure, ultra-scalable, no single points of failure

HD live shows from your pc

No studio, no problem. ShwóŋCast comes with a web based virtual studio
Plug in your microphone and you can go on­air from anywhere
Perfect solution for areas with bad internet connections
Live show collaboration is enabled, your co-hosts can connect with you
Live chat with your listeners

Mobile applications for your audience

Your listeners can access your radion station using their mobile phone
Increase your audience
Easily discuss with your audience through the group chat
Manage your articles and notify your audience about the latest news

Cloud based streaming
Scale with your audience

ShwóŋCast runs its own proprietary cloud streaming platform. In layman's terms, we can provide a very technologically advanced service at an affordable price.

All ShwóŋCast plans support unlimited listeners so your radio station will grow seamlessly with your audience.

All streams are delivered over port 80 which means your station can reach listeners behind firewalls or in restrictive IT environments.

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Web Automation
Schedule and automate with great flexibility

Want to set up an advanced rule-based playlist?

Want to upload a new ad and change the schedule to have it play every hour after your station's jingle?

ShwóŋCast supports all that and more through the most comprehensive web-based radio automation tools available.

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Virtual Studio
Broadcast from everywhere

Run your station from anywhere, by simply using your laptop and an internet access.

Our browser-based virtual studio is compatible with all operating systems. Broadcasting your content is as easy as the click of a mouse.

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Media library
All your media assets at your fingertips

Media Library helps you organize all the media that you use on your radio station.

Upload tracks, ads and jingles from your hard drive, or Dropbox, in an easy and expedient way.

Give access to your unique media library to your DJs. Manage your media files using our intuitive interface, in order to get the most out of your valuable content.

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DJ Management
Effortlessly manage DJs and shows

Show scheduling on ShwóŋCast is as easy as drag & drop. You choose the level of DJ access, from full administrative rights for the regulars to one-time access for guest DJs.

Along with the integrated messaging service, collaboration is simple and straightforward: no need to manually synchronise or share streaming server credentials.

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Know your listeners

Get to know where your listeners are through the Listener's Map and monitor in real-time how they engage with your station.

Grow your audience by understanding your peak hours and optimising your content to your listeners' needs and preferences.

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Relay Stations
Re-broadcast your master station's content

Different streams, different encoding, different bitrates, different everything

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Mobile applications
Let your listeners access your radio from everywhere around the world

With ShwóŋCast, your radio station is made available to your users with simple, intuitive and easy to use mobile application.

We publish the application on the Google/iOS stores for you. The latest updates of the applications are also automatically published for you.

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Private/group Chat
Intrigue, chat, connect

Chat in private or in a group with your audience.

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Articles Management
All your media articles in one place

With ShwóŋCast, your radio station's articles are managed in a single place. You can access and modify them at any time from everywhere around the world.

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Podcasts Management
All your radio's podcasts in a single place

With ShwóŋCast, your radio station's podcasts are recorded during your broadcast.

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Audio Advertising
Automated advertisements for your station

With ShwóŋCast, you can play advertisement during your stream. Setup everything from the application and let it do everything for your.

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